Monday, July 6, 2015

Help with bug on CalendarView

There's a bug on Weekplan's Calendar view. It doesn't happen to all, but, apparently, quite some users are affected.

Some users wrote in their crash reports that they just click on the Calendar view and it fails. But, most probably there are some other prerequisites, as we do the same - just click everywhere on the calendar view - and it doesn't fail. Would be great if anyone could give us those steps.

If somehow you know the steps, please, tell us at - that would be a very great help to us! Thank you!

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Week plan calendar view

Upd.: some description of the current features:

+ you can change week view for 3 months: 1 month before, current month, 1 month after. This is to be modified in the future, probably, but at the moment gives enough room for better calendar planning;

+ current widget may be modified in future updates - from what we found, this looked like the only open-source library that was compatible with Android 2.3, the minimal version of Android we do support now. It is simple enough, so we might well stay with it;

+ goal view (and reminders) are not updated behind the basic view - this is the next step - to make the goals view use calendar settings, too. The goal view itself is a separate question - we don't like how it looks now, will most probably work on it;

Friday, June 5, 2015


I have upgraded my role Father to Father twice :)

Tuesday, June 2, 2015


Upd. 03.06.2015: 0.15.1 with bug fixes is out.

It turns out that the latest version has a lot of critical bugs. Thus, the next release will be mainly about fixing them.

Among the bugs:
+ FC when you enter Notes in two-column mode
+ FC when you cancel achievements dialog
+ 'Now!' in Days/Priorities dialog does not refresh the data set
+ Pomodoro crashes on period change if the app is in the background
+ Project sub-actions does not get parent set (thus becoming simple actions) when coming from the Weekplan page
+ some more.

All of these were reported by you, either by FC reports or by reviews or by direct letters - thank you! And a special thank to one particular user, who constantly keeps giving us feedback almost after each update!