Thursday, May 25, 2017

Translation doc

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Here's the link with the text labels used in the app. We've created sections for different languages, not in the order of importance but in the order we recalled them.

If you want to translate into your language, click on the link - I'll give you permissions to edit the file. You can then add the translations into the table. Later we'll add them into the app files.

Link to the translation doc

If anything is unclear, try to comment it there or here, I'll give details. There are some duplication, but don't worry, eventually we'll clear them all. This is all because we haven't done the cleanup, but wrote the code :)

Some notes about strange characters in the text (thx to Olaf for pointing):

'\n\n' - this is a special character working as a new line separator. Actually, 2 separators here. Leave it as is.

'Don't, Can't, etc' - these are (you know of course) all English language constructs. Since I'm pretty sure there are no such constructs in other languages, use the correct form for your language.

For example, in Russian one'd write for "Don't delete" - " Не удалять". In Turkish it would be  "Silme" or similar (I knew the language, but haven't practiced in some 15-16 years :) ). So, please use the one appropriate for you.

Can\'t - the backslash here is also a special construct for using in programming languages. Please, ignore it. Same case with a you\'ve - first, it's a special backslash char, but then it's an English language construct that would be written differently in other language.

\u0020\u0020 - also special characters, ignore them or use as is.

Monday, June 20, 2016

"This a testing app, shouldn't be used any more."

If you see this message when opening your beloved My Effectiveness, don't panic. Just !!! UPDATE !!! to the newest version that has just been pushed to the Play Store. This is completely embarrassing, we are very, very sorry!

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Update 14.06.16

We've been pushing updates frequently recently. This is because there were some urgent Force Close issues for some users, so we wanted them to have the working app back again asap. Also, we decided to use a tactic of pushing new stuff almost immediately as it is ready. Let's see how it works.

Among the recent changes:

  • on today's action lists we now show the type of the action - simple, checklist, project
  • added notes full text search for Android 4.1+ users. For lower versions there are some incompatibilities in platforms, so had to not use same implementation. Later will add for them, too
  • we are moving away from the weekday idea - so 'Today/Tomorrow' in week day dialog now set the calendar dates, not the abstract week days
  • weekdays have been removed from the week day dialog - only Today, Tomorrow, Now!, and Calendar date left.

Other news - published the translation doc which is being now filled by those who know the language - many many thanks to them!

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Workodoro fast-forward

We've added a new nice feature to the Workodoro (based on the Pomodoro) - period fast-forwarding. It's very useful when you, for example, want to skip the current period and go straight to the next one.

When and why may you want to do so? Remember, the technique is intended to help us get a better concentration on the current work. Imagine you are working on a task that would require more than 25 minutes to fulfill. You are fully into your work and then the break time comes. What would you feel? Having a break is a good thing for your work, but sometimes switching the context may be just too expensive. Skipping a break may be quite useful in such situations - you click the button and continue doing the work.

What if you'd want to skip a work period to have another break? Though it may seem like you'd be cheating yourself, sometimes it, too, is a very needed feature. If your previous task was too hard and exhaustive, you may want to allow yourself a longer break. Of, if you'd previously skipped a work period you have the right to prolong your current break. Without this 'fast-forwarding' we were too bound to the timeline of the periods.

Hope you'll like the update and it will help you be more productive.