Friday, September 14, 2018

Color scheme

How often or do you even use different color themes within the app?

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

0.20.5 update

Started rolling out new update after long pause, it's mainly about fixing reminders for Android8+ users. If you see problems with reminders, would be happy if you told us.

Friday, October 27, 2017

for Android 8 users

There's a crash happening for users who have Android 8+ installed on their phones. This happens because Google has changed some logic in that version of Android and the service responsible for reminders doesn't work well now. It leads to crashes. We'll try to solve it soon.

Monday, October 9, 2017

Workodoro pause + more

The workodoro timer is aimed at helping you concentrate better on the work. It's a popular technique and is to many users very effective to overcome the procrastination urges. It consists of work periods of usually 25 minutes (adjustable) interleaved with break periods of around 5 minutes (also adjustable). The idea is to stay focused during the 25 minutes and then have rest during the breaks. It's said to help get into the so-called focused mode during working, overcome procrastination, better learn and do the work.

But often interruptions are inevitable - some short but urgent call, someone asks you something, etc - some actions that you have to react to. If you stop the work timer and start it over again, it'll break the smooth process. That's why we've added the 'Pause' function.

If you press the pause button during the work period, it will pause the timer for 1 minute so you finish with your interruption, then will return to the minutes remained in your work period. We think it will let you keep the idea in your brain that the work process is on, thus you don't switch the contexts and then have hard time to return back.

You can pause once only during a work period, and during a break period pausing seems not needed.

Also in the current update, as said before, trying some ads in the app, only on the one screen now. And some UI/UX changes.