Saturday, September 3, 2016

Chinese translation

Just pushed the new update, will be out there in a few hours. It contains a few fixes, like letting us select any file type for the 'Restore from Share' function, and the Chinese translation.

The 'Restore from Share' was written quite long ago and it appears that it wasn't always letting choose the appropriate app to restore the backup from a cloud storage. We've modified it, it should help now those who faced that problem.

Also, the problem with the Google Drive sync that I've wrote about in the previous post, still persists. It's a strange bug in the google code which is seen in some other apps as well, but hasn't been nailed down yet. As soon as they (google) do, I'll inform separately. Not everyone is seeing it, but those who do can use 'Backup 'n Share/Restore from Share' pair from Backup/Restore menu. You can even use the Google Drive as the 'share' program because when saving (pushing) it saves the correct version. But when restoring it restores some old one.

The Chinese translation was done by one of our users - many thanks to him! In fact, all of the translations are done by you, so many thanks to all of you.

When I tried it on my own phone, I was very surprised. It turns out Chinese is so short in terms of string lengths, that the UI looks very neat in it. Take a look yourself:

I don't understand a single word of it, bit it really looks nice. I'm even thinking of using the Chinese interface for some time :) (and learning the Chinese in some near future).

Hope you'll like the updates!


  1. Hello, I am impressed by your application - My Effectivness, and Thank you for that.
    I wanted to ask if you are going to make web version of this application, because i often doing such things from web.
    It would be fantastic!

    Thank you for everything, you are an amazing person... You just want to share something very valuable to other people...(and absolutely free) Respect man! I would be the happiest person to meet you, or event meet someone like u! Thank you that u are! Even when u are far away ;)

  2. Are you ever going to add picture and media option?

    1. To the Notes or Actions section? Not sure we can do that in the nearest future.

  3. I have been using your app for more than one year. This app is very good with Chinese interface. Thank you!