Saturday, July 30, 2016

Strange google drive

Something strange is happening to the Google Drive sync - when pulling, it doesn't pull the latest version. Anyone else seeing it? Is it a common bug or just my phone's?

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Dark theme

Is pushed. Original light themes have changes, too - many pages are not completely white now. Let's see if want to keep them gray or return to the white. If you think where we may tweak the colors - welcome!

To choose the dark theme open Settings > General Settings > Productivity mood:

Monday, July 25, 2016

Translation doc

This post is added to featured.

Here's the link with the text labels used in the app. We've created sections for different languages, not in the order of importance but in the order we recalled them.

If you want to translate into your language, click on the link - I'll give you permissions to edit the file. You can then add the translations into the table. Later we'll add them into the app files.

Link to the translation doc

If anything is unclear, try to comment it there or here, I'll give details. There are some duplication, but don't worry, eventually we'll clear them all. This is all because we haven't done the cleanup, but wrote the code :)

Some notes about strange characters in the text (thx to Olaf for pointing):

'\n\n' - this is a special character working as a new line separator. Actually, 2 separators here. Leave it as is.

'Don't, Can't, etc' - these are (you know of course) all English language constructs. Since I'm pretty sure there are no such constructs in other languages, use the correct form for your language.

For example, in Russian one'd write for "Don't delete" - " Не удалять". In Turkish it would be  "Silme" or similar (I knew the language, but haven't practiced in some 15-16 years :) ). So, please use the one appropriate for you.

Can\'t - the backslash here is also a special construct for using in programming languages. Please, ignore it. Same case with a you\'ve - first, it's a special backslash char, but then it's an English language construct that would be written differently in other language.

\u0020\u0020 - also special characters, ignore them or use as is.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Apostrophe used in languages

Adding the Italian translation to the app now, the one that was kindly done by our users. Interesting thing noted - Italian version so far has the largest number of ' apostrophe used in the texts - 77. I thought English would be the first, but it has only 50 ones. German has 10 (!) and Lithuanian 13 :).

Portuguese has 8 and the Russian only 3 :).

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Add note button disappeared?

Some users complained about it, anyone else seeing this problem?

The 'add note' button in Androids 4 and above is a round colored button with a + sign in the center. The button is placed at the bottom right part of the screen: