Sunday, November 20, 2016

'Filter by day' on the FTF/Actions pages

We've started changing the logic for the day-filtering on the First Things First and Actions pages (and eventually the corresponding filters). Take a look at the screenshots below.


This is just the first part of the work, eventually we want to have a more natural and, at the same time, comprehensive system for actions daily planning.


  1. Wished feature
    Congrats for the app. Very good. Unfortunately is usability is affected by the fact that you cannot reorder the daily actions to use it as an agenda too.
    I would suggest adding that simple functionality. The app would be almost perfect.

  2. I use the Eisenhower method on s spreadsheet. Thiapp will hopefully replace it. As far as reordering tasks, I use the following method:

    In naming the task, I put the date e.g 12/07 in front of the task title. For January I put 13/07. If I need to change the order I just edit the task title. After the date I add a capital letter B, C or P for business, community, personal. Eg. 13/07 C prepare Church financials, 12/29 P schedule oil change, 13/09 B finalize 2017 marketing plan.

  3. Editing the task date will reorder the tasks.