Thursday, April 21, 2016

Workodoro fast-forward

We've added a new nice feature to the Workodoro (based on the Pomodoro) - period fast-forwarding. It's very useful when you, for example, want to skip the current period and go straight to the next one.

When and why may you want to do so? Remember, the technique is intended to help us get a better concentration on the current work. Imagine you are working on a task that would require more than 25 minutes to fulfill. You are fully into your work and then the break time comes. What would you feel? Having a break is a good thing for your work, but sometimes switching the context may be just too expensive. Skipping a break may be quite useful in such situations - you click the button and continue doing the work.

What if you'd want to skip a work period to have another break? Though it may seem like you'd be cheating yourself, sometimes it, too, is a very needed feature. If your previous task was too hard and exhaustive, you may want to allow yourself a longer break. Of, if you'd previously skipped a work period you have the right to prolong your current break. Without this 'fast-forwarding' we were too bound to the timeline of the periods.

Hope you'll like the update and it will help you be more productive.


  1. Thank you very much for this app!!! I can't even find such a strong words that would tell you how grateful I am for it! Would be glad to help somehow if is possible. Nataliya, Russia.

    1. Hi Nataliya, thanks a lot! We hope it does help you!

      We strongly suggest you edit your message and remove the email - otherwise you'll get a lot of spam messages.

  2. Hi
    I've found that after writing the details of a goal, if I then immediately add a new action, the details disappear after pressing the plus icon! Can you fix this, please?

    Please can I also request:
    1. a menu option to view all the goals in one place, rather than having to view via each role individually (or is there a way of doing this I haven't figured out yet?).

    2. the ability to easily move a goal to another role (added a new role and realised a goal I'd already written would be better if moved to the new one).


    1. Chris, thank you! We've fixed the bug, will push the update soon. Regarding 1-2, good points and long on our mind, will work on them, too. Thank you for the feedback!

    2. Oh please a way to view all goals,and actions in one place would be wonderful. Without that I'm having a very hard time keeping track of what I need to do for each goal. Kinda like I need another app to actually manage my to-do's.. Can you please add this feature?

  3. Thank you for the great app. Bought the pro to support the development. Any plans for IOS?

    1. Hi Victor, thank you! Please note that though the app is called 'My Effectiveness Pro', it doesn't mean it's totally free now :). 'Pro' means advanced personal management. As for iOS development - at the moment, we don't have the required skills, currently working on the web.

    2. Hey AntTek, Wonderful app! I was planning out something then I found some major bugs.
      #1 - If I have a goal as Mathematics I set to do chapter 1 as action on 13th of may. I set reminder as well as calendar date on 13th of may recurrence as once until done.

      Then I go week plan this action is shown in every day like on 6th of may, 5th of may, etc.

      I wanted this task to be shown only after 13th of may. "Not before that date". It should be there once until done after this date.

      #2. This is also happening in recurrence in week days( Select week days)

      We want the recurrence after the chosen date.

      for eg. If I make an action for doing chapter 8 I set calendar date as 15th of May (say) in actions. I set any recurrence then the recurrence should be after 15th of may. Not any week days( Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday...) before that date.

      Chapter 8 should not be shown in week plan before 15 of may.

    3. Akshat,
      #1 behaves like this because recurrence is set to 'Once until done' - it overrides all other settings. It's not obvious from the app, but recurrence are 1st priority usually.
      #2 is not implemented, will think about it.

      Thanks for the feedback!

    4. I also have the same suggestion. Please consider getting this fix into the 1st box of your priority matrix. :D

  4. "currently working on the web" -- now THAT's great news! Very looking forward to it :)

  5. Is there any way you can 1) make an online version or desktop app? 2) be able to make it wearable compatible?

  6. You implemented a great tool.
    Only vibrate and make no sounds in workodoro. Could this happen?

  7. Hi Andtek
    I love your app. I would like to use it at its best. I am going through your blog, starting from old posts... i'd like to know if you suggest to go from the first one (2011) or if i can/should start somewhere else. Thanks for your help

  8. Hi Andtek,
    Thank you for very useful and nice app.
    Could you add vibro notification in "Workodoro mode"?
    Sometimes I can't hear the sound of notification and I miss next period work/break.

  9. Just started using the app and I already feel that it can make me really productive if used properly. Btw, nice to hear that you are working on a web version. Will love to help in the development. Any plans of open-sourcing ?

    1. Yeah, agreed with avi, can't wait to try the web version. If you have plans to open-source it, I'm ready to help with all I have :) let me know if I could help in any way possible, would be a great honor for me

  10. After the word Pro in the home page, you should remove the dot after Pro because it is a title and not a phrase.

    Well done for MyEffectiveness

  11. I just wanted to say thank you for sharing your talent and skills with us. I love your entire approach to goal setting. I never thought about starting with Roles per say and that is a magnificent way to keep things into perspective.
    I don't have a clue how to program an app, so I thought I'd throw this idea out there and see if it was a feature that was doable. I would like to start tracking my time on tasks completed within a project. Ex. Project 1: subtask A. click a timer when I start and stop, and jot down a note or status and/or option to type in the time spent if you didn't start the timer. Then be able to export those details to excel or something to view easily and print it.

    Like I said, I don't know how hard this would be to too, but would make this app an all-in-one for me.

  12. What do you think of allowing us to change the colors of the quadrants (First things)? Or at least we could reverse the existing colors?

  13. I want ticking sound please.

  14. Hi Andtek,
    Thank you for the app, it's helping me a lot. I'm trying to build good habits so I'm using the "recurrence" feature a lot. It would be helpful if I could include recurrences for more time periods like:
    - 2nd Saturday of every month
    - Every 4 months on the 18th
    - Annual
    - Every other Monday (Monday every 2 weeks)
    Weekly and monthly are great but don't suit every action.
    It would make a great app really really great!

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  16. Dear Andtek team,

    The app is awesome and very productive. I was searching for a simple todo list only, but actually in my heart, I exactly need the one your app does. In all the list of apps, my Lord Jesus showed this app popping out.
    This app and the team is a blessed one. Thank you for the app. God bless the team and the app.

    The " WORKODORO " is very productive. The timer helps to work effectively by necessary rest to the eyes and the body. Thank you.

    Suggestion for workodorro
    * A description text entry for each 25min task so that or fast foward time so that in the history I can see how many hours Ive spent for the particular task.

    Thank you and GOD bless you abundantly.

  17. Can the workodoro be linked to a specific project/action/check_item? So I can track the amount of spent working hours.

  18. Hi, Is there a link that explains how to use workodoro? I see settings for it but not how to implement it.
    Otherwise,this app is a game changer.

    1. Hi, it's like a Pomodoro, try to google it, tons of tutorials.