Friday, July 17, 2015

What's new in recent update: weekly goals and other

Earlier today we have launched new update distribution. It is mainly about improvements to the week plan page and various fixes and improvements to other pages.

On the weekly goals page we've reused the layout used for actions - horizontally scrolling lists for each day. Also, the goals now take calendar day and filter into account.

The layout of the goal item also has changed, too - no more expanding panel, clicking on the item you go to the goal page straight. It is also not final change - we still are not happy about its look and functionality, so it is subject to possible change in the future.

An open question is - is it at all useful? The idea was to have an overview of what goals you need to reach during the week or at concrete day. One of the problems is - goals are shown based on actions for that day - if all the actions of a goal for that day are done, the goal is shown as done. But, the goal might as well contain actions for other days, which are not done. And when you'll go to that goal's page, it won't be shown as done.

There was a bug on the weekplan page - it FC-ed when you scheduled an action for the August 31th - we've fixed it.

Some other changes: home and some other pages' background changed to grey - seems like we had too much white on the screens. The form of some elements also has been tweaked a bit. What do you think?

(yes, I didn't do today's morning workout)