Sunday, June 21, 2015

Week plan calendar view

Upd.: some description of the current features:

+ you can change week view for 3 months: 1 month before, current month, 1 month after. This is to be modified in the future, probably, but at the moment gives enough room for better calendar planning;

+ current widget may be modified in future updates - from what we found, this looked like the only open-source library that was compatible with Android 2.3, the minimal version of Android we do support now. It is simple enough, so we might well stay with it;

+ goal view (and reminders) are not updated behind the basic view - this is the next step - to make the goals view use calendar settings, too. The goal view itself is a separate question - we don't like how it looks now, will most probably work on it;


  1. This is the best holistic GTD app I have ever come across. It a lil while since I downloaded it but I am having a challenge getting to use it. Do you have video(s) showing how to use the various section of the app step by step? I will be very helpful to me. Thanks in advance. And thanks for a great app.

    1. Hi, thank you! Unfortunately, no video or tutorial besides basic help in the app and various tips on this blog. We spend all the time on development.