Thursday, April 30, 2015

Done occurrences of recurring actions

You can now see when did you do an action that is a recurring action. For that, click on the 'done count' panel on the Action page.

I use infinitely recurring action for one of my actions: from some point of my life I've understood that I have to keep a good shape (or, at least I have to try). So, I started to do morning workouts relatively regularly. And our app became a helper in that.

First, I've set a recurring action 'do morning workout', set its occurrences to be on every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday. And tried to adhere to it. It is really hard some times and I don't do extensive work outs - if I feel like skipping it, I do a very light one. Important, I think, is to build a habit of doing the morning workouts. I've read somewhere that good habits are good!

Then, the 'On recurrence days' reminder came into help - it reminds me every morning. On the picture above it's reset because I play with it time to time.

And now I can review not only the general amount of workouts done, but the exact days, too. The page is minimalist at the moment, will work on enriching it with useful info. And the suggestions would be great!



  1. You are a good programmer keep it up!

  2. why callendar icon do not work? I use it to transfer action in my google callendar.

    1. Just checked on my program - it does work. Any more details?

    2. Do not know. I use Google Kalendar app insted of default android app. The callendar icom in your app is gray and cant do anything when i touc it. That is on phone. On samsung android i use default callendar app but there is the same i cant make action touching the gray callendar icom.

    3. Pretty strange. Did it ever work before? What android versions do you have?

    4. Android 4.2.2
      I udes it often before this update or meybe one before...