Sunday, March 8, 2015

Pomodoro fix and reminders

The recent version 0.12.2 has 2 noticeable things: first is the pomodoro fix - the service now should work without problems and be more stable when you switch across the apps.

The other one is the Reminders section in the week plan. It lists all the reminders you've set for your action. Clicking on them you can go to that action and change/see the info. The work on the reminders will be continued in the near future with plans to make this section be used more.

Besides the section itself, the new update adds the fix for times, when your reminders were cleared or not set - after phone restart or backup restore. The app now checks these cases and re-sets the reminders, if they are after the current time in future.

Hope you'll like the update and the app will continue help you be more productive!


  1. Hi AndTek,

    I have just downloaded your app on my s5 and started to play with it.

    I think is great! really. Please keep developing it.

    I have a small “shortcut suggestion” you might like to consider:
    You already sink My Mission, My Influence and Notes with google task. That is very, very useful.
    Why not have also ‘Role’ and ‘First things first’ lists in Google task. This would allow people to write on the pc!

    After that the only very (important & urgent) relevant and missing thing would be the google calendar sink.
    But that is just my newbie vision.


    1. Hi ugo,

      Thanks a lot for the feedback! Hope the app does help you!

      The problem with Google tasks is that: first, it structure is not what we have - Role -> Goal -> Action or Action. While that can be simulated in some way - google tasks have hierarchy. Another thing is, the tasks don't let attach the so-called meta-data to them. Meta-data is additional info about your item. For example, we'd need to merge 'square' of the action, or 'recurrence' type, etc. To pass this info back and forth, you'd have to do ugly things, like add them as part of action name. These all make them not quite fit. The better way is to write a separate app, which is what we are doing now, but that take time, since we are quite restricted on time and resources.

  2. Hi Andtek,

    I had contacted you before about the reminders and reboot issue. Now it works, I get reminders after rebooting the phone. Thanks!

    Only comment, after reboot I get a message saying "Unfortunately, My Effectiveness habits has stopped. Report/OK"

    It just shows that message, but then reminders show nonetheless. Was wondering if this happens to other people as well or is something with my setup. Running Android 4.4 on Samsung I9300.

    Cheers, José

    1. Hi Jose,

      Do you still face this problem?