Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Can now sync across devices using Google Drive

We've added support for Google Drive.

You can now sync your data across your devices using your Google Drive account. To do so, go to 'Sync' menu on the left navigation bar:

When first accessing the page, it will ask you to enter the google account you want to use. You can use existing or add a new one. The steps are default to google and quite intuitive.

Then you'll have a new screen, something like following:

Here you can either upload (push) your current device's backup to your Google Drive account. Or, download it (pull) from there, if you've previously done upload.

The push operation will create a file called 'MyEffectiveness.bcp' on your Drive. Then this file will be uploaded when pulled to / pushed from this or other devices.

This syncing, by the way, does not restore reminders, which is something we have missed, but we'll work on that soon.

The functionality has just been implemented and probably has bugs and inconsistencies. So, we'll appreciate any feedback on the feature.

Hope this makes using the app much better!


  1. Hi,
    I really love your app, it very helpful and useful.
    I had to reset my device and I copied all files and folders beforehand, however, I did not make a backup within the app, in which files/folders the data exists?

    1. Hi Shak,
      If you've copied the data from the sdcard then there's not app data. It's in the internal memory. If you have backed up before, it should be under the MyHabits/sync folder

  2. Hi,

    Great job on the app. I am about to switch from another organizing app but have one thing preventing me. The reminders don't work after my phone has been rebooted.

    I use Android KitKat on a Samsung I9300.

    This forces me to remember to open My Effectiveness habits after a reboot. I already missed a couple of reminders. Is there a way to automate this?

    Thank you , José

  3. Follow-up on my question. I have installed an autostart app which loads "My effectiveness habits" after a reboot. I still don't get notifications for reminders after a reboot. The only way I get a reminder notification after a reboot is if I go back and edit the action itself and modify date/time of reminder.

    Regards, José

    1. Hi Jose,

      This is a problem, we are working on them now. At the moment, they won't work after reboot or after backup restore.

  4. So, maybe you might want to wait a bit before moving completely? So that not to miss important reminders.

    1. Thanks for quick reply, I will update the app in a month and see if it is working.

      Cheers, José

  5. HI.
    I m using your app for a month and there is a feature i d like to see.
    there is no other applications (espessialy for Android) with same functions as your app.But impossibility to use it anywhere exept my smartphone is a bit frustrating thing (not only for me), it is much easier and faster to type (for example) on PC. Are u going to make any web version or smth like that?
    ps. Ты же русский разработчик, да? :)

    1. Hi Anton,

      We are now working on the web app along with the android version. Please, stay tuned!
      З.Ы. Да, мы хорошо знаем русский :)

  6. Is there a laptop version? It's easier to enter and manage my tasks,etc. from my laptop but use the phone app for reminders, etc.

  7. Hi,

    First of all; great job and I really appreciate the work you have done on the Google Drive sync. Are there any plans on making this synchronisation automatic?

    1. Hi Barrel,

      We'll probably add an option to make it automatic.

  8. Hello,
    I have installed the app on my Samsung Galaxy S3. I have created some roles and goals. I pushed(uploaded) the data on my Google Drive account.
    I tried to pull(download) on my tablet in 2 ways, and failed of course.
    1. Using the pull button, and being connected to the G drive account, it appears that the data was pulled, by displaying the hour and date of the pulling moment. But no data in the app.
    2. I went on Settings/Backup/Restore and downloaded the .bcp file. Again, the procedure was ok, by seeing the date and hour of the restoring moment. But nothing was imported. What can I do ?

    1. Hi Ovidiu,

      Can you try to create another backup on the S3 and compare it to previous one by size or just plain editting (without saving it). So, that you can say if the actual data has been exported or not?

    2. It worked. I've saved the .bcp file in another directory from Google Drive and after that i've gone to Backup/Restore and downloaded the new file.

    3. Good! In another - meaning, not the top one? So, restore by Google drive from default folder didn't work?

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  10. Hello Anton,
    thank You for sync option! What is the roadmap to automatic syncing?
    I want to use the app on both devices, tablet and phone. But sometimes I forget pushing before leaving the device alone. And thats where 3 things happen:
    1. I do not have my actual tablet data on server and therefore not with me
    2. I change some tasks on phone
    3a. I don't upload them to prevent loosing my older changes on tablet!
    3b. I do the upload and then have to workaround to save my last changes on tablet before pulling from server is eating my data.

    1. Hi ivenso,

      Thank you for the feedback! We share your worries and will be looking into auto-syncing or notification of changes using Google Drive soon. Google Drive provides such capability, we need to integrate them.

    2. Please do this! Manual sync is a bit difficult to maintain.

  11. Great app. But manual sync between tablet and android phone just is not working well.
    Also, how can I see my completed actions again?