Thursday, June 19, 2014

Week Plan. New big changes.

As you remember, the WeekPlan page is relatively young in its current view - we have updated it just several months ago. The new look has been practical and much more pleasant then the old one. It does great job in everyday action checking. One of the most used pages by me personally.

But, every time I entered it I felt like I missed something. It was all in front of me and, still, something was missing. So, one day it struck me. And we've implemented it. The new updated will be out within few days. And when it is out, you will ask yourself - how come we haven't thought of it before and how had you lived without it? It will be a natural fit.

Meanwhile, hope you are enjoying the great feast of bootball that's happenning right now in Brasil, just as we do! Here they show some of the games at 2 a.m. due to the time differences, which, of course doesn't stop us at all :).

Now that the Spain is out, who do you think will be the King of football for the next four years? I can tell you my favourites: Netherlands, Chile, Mexico - these teams showed beatiful, fast, bold game. Besides them, I think Italy and Germany are pretty strong. And, of course, Brasil and Argentine.


  1. Thank for your effort!
    The weekly goal really helpful!
    im still having bouncing problem on my android 4.1.2 phone(not only in checklist page,also in project page now),but the app work perfectly on android 2.3.6
    Also,could we add finished actions to achievements page instead of only achieved goals can be added to that page?

    1. Hi, about the bouncing: does it happen when you add an item or when you just enter the page?

      About the finished actions as achievements - yes, good idea, will do that, thank you!

    2. It happens when i just enter the page. However, if i rotate the phone to landscape view, it becomes normal .

    3. Thank you! Will look further, unfortunately, can't reproduce it locally.