Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Ease of adding to My Achievements

We've received requests from several users to maybe make adding achievements easier, with one-clicks. At first it looks like very logical to do so - to ease all the functionality.

The thing is, we think 'Achievements' section is intended to motivate and support you, remind you of the things you are proud of, things that were not that easy to finish, but those you did. Not like every day actions. Of course, you can be proud of every little action you do, like doing this week's grocery - not joking, doing today's grocery yourself (and finally) might in some cases actually be a heroic action. But for most people it is just a regular action. That's why we keep some extra steps to add an achievement as a protection against mixing them.

For example, my list of achievements has only 2 items since we've added them. One of them is about adding the section itself, which is rather for testing purpose mainly. The other is about a certificate I received after finishing an online course. After the second attempt of trying to. I tried to do this course twice, because couldn't find enough time, put little effort (spent time on Habits :) ). The course is 8 weeks long. So, it took me quite time and effort to finish it and do good enough on quizzes to get the certificate.

The other thing is - you probably have achieved a lot in the past. And you'd want to keep memory of those deeds, too. Adding them is a good idea, we'll see how to implement it in a correct way.


  1. Thank you so much for the well-thought, and for designing this software. I've been bad planning for my life and just recently thought I should do it properly. However I still struggle for a while referencing to different sources and none of them fit me well. Until this morning I found your application. Honestly it's too early to rate this, but my first impression and my 3-hour experience were really good. I start to put things in where they should be and been happy so far :) I'll keep following up you guys' progress and comment.

    For the Mission, Role & Goal parts, I'm struggling a lot & don't know what to put in properly. I wonder is this because I haven't read the book yet, but only the summary in wiki... Is this a must I have to read the 7 habits book before I can fully utilize the software?

    And yes, I'm waiting for the desktop version.

    Keep up good work :)

    1. Hi, thank you very much for the feedback. Hope you enjoy using the app and it does help you. Of course, reading the book would be good, even if you don't use this program later on. But it's not at all a must to use the program. Check out the earlier pages on this blog, we've described a bit about the concepts of the app.