Monday, March 18, 2013

Habits update

Have just released new, version of the Habits app. Contains the sync capability with Google Tasks - for 'Notes' and 'My Mission' section. Since Google tasks have a structure a bit different from that of ours, we have to invent some kind of mapping. In case of 'Notes' and 'My Mission' it's relatively easy, so we decided to start with them. The mapping for Roles > Goals > Actions is not invented - any suggestions are highly welcome.

Many thanks to those who give the feedback for the current and future features - your help is invaluable!

We'll describe the sync functionality a bit later in more details.


  1. My solution would be as follows:
    Use the basic template from google.
    In this way the data cannot get compromised.
    Then ad the role and goal as short selectable items in the app itself.

    De syncing can be produced by simply exchanging the basic data. In the app the user adds the already predefined role and goals.
    This is done manually. However, task recuire a sence of awereness as regarding to the task itself. Since the user will put the app as a central point of use, he will have to make the descisions beloning to it by himself. The app can not take over this process as the user would become dependent on the descisions the app prescribes.

    1. Henryk, Thank you for providing your vision. However, I didn't get the mechanics of the solution. Currently, we are thinking of making all the lists equivalent to Roles, except those used for My Mission, Notes, Influences. Default list of Google tasks would be considered as list of Actions without any roles/goals. But not yet thought about every detail.

  2. Fantastic app! Lack of desktop app or integration is a hurdle for me too. Since your app has multiple sub categories, how about you use Android or Outlook 2013 categories and folders to map to your Roles, Goals, and Actions.

  3. I want to thank for yor excellent application, I like the hole idea and for this reason I want to propose the following ideas:

    Since I'm using Google tasks I support the idea of use them. Want to recommend the way I do it; use the lists as roles, use the tasks as goals and tabbed tasks as actions.

    Another recomendation is to create a section in your blog for the manual because neded yo read trough all the blog to find that there is no way to sync Google tasks with your app.

    And again thank you.