Sunday, April 1, 2012

Habits: what's new!

We just posted a new update of the My Effectiveness Habits app, aka Habits. It came out just 5 days after the previous release, and, since it introduces some nice and useful features, we decided to roll it out today. This is what it has:

  1. Drag and drop for sub-actions in Project and Checklist actions.
  2. UI redesign - moving to less elements on the screen + searching for better usability. You will like new screens, they're better enough, and not complete rework at the same time. Evolution.
  3. Action name 'tap to edit' on the action screen - making life easier, trying to avoid as much unnecessary steps as possible.
  4. delete backup file from app directly - use long-click menu. Reason - same as above, as before, as must be: make it simple, pleasant to use. Very useful if you want to cleanup your backup folder and not launch heavy file explorer to do that
  5. ss - seconds added to backup file name: ddMMyyyy_hhmmss. You might want to make 10 backups in 1 minute (or, even 60, if you can). Previous naming template didn't take that into account. Now it does.


  1. Hello. What a great app. I like the (apparent) simplicity to the user, the design is fluent and easy to look at, tasteful layout and colours. A busy, ugly design has seen me uninstall many an app!

    What I think would be a great asset is to be able to export a pdf report, even a plain text file, so you have a snapshot of where you are at a given stage.

    I am very enthusiastic about such a practical and positive, constructive app.


    1. Hi Gill,

      Thanks for the nice feedback. Having a report is a good idea. What exactly do you think should it contain? Done vs. not-done goals/actions? Total? By the way, right now the app doesn't store info about deleted actions, so they will not be available for any statistics.

      Or, just export what you see on the screen at the moment? The last one would be quite meaningful. We'll put that on the list, thank you.

      Best regards,

  2. Hi, I envisaged just a pdf of current input, an ebook of the pages essentially. This is because, using this from my xperia (i don't own a tablet yet) it is easier for me to brainstorm, doodle and connect things pen and paper....then i can refine this into the xperia....

    thanks again for all your efforts as regards the app. I read the mission statement often, and find it very focusing.