Sunday, May 22, 2011


Idea behind the application is to have an application which is quick and pleasant to use, has nothing disturbing in control and UI. I tried to make it maximum unobtrusive, which, I think, I succeeded.

One of the things I like is the paging through expense screen by finger. It is not ideal, but it really cool and one of the things other applications don't offer.

Meet the JustExpenses:

+ It has just what you need to track money spent

+ pleasure to use: no extra elements on screen, nice paging
+ quick: write down expense in 2 types + 2 clicks
+ easy
+ it IS powerful enough: sorting, filtering, grouping


  1. Add support for multiple addition-inputs (for example 25+40+35) in the numeric amount-field. This operation currently crashes the app. If possible also replace the numeric keyboard with a better one (the numeric/symbol toggle-button for example could be replaced with + button only, for above input.

    Neutralize or get rid of *, # and - buttons.

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  3. Hello developer of J'expenes,

    Sorry for my English,

    I wanna say that your programm is perfect, that's what I looked for! There is everything in it for calculating your expenses.
    You're totally correct that it doesn't need to track income, in most of the time person can calculate it without problems.

    2 minor things, if you'll have time and wish to add them in program:
    1) set a password for programm (people who take my phone in hands, like looking inside my J'expenses)
    2) possibility to change time of expense (I mean hours and minutes).

    Thank you. Good luck!

    1. Hi,

      Thank you for reaching. We'll see what can be done, how to protect agains curious people looking inside the phone ;)

      Best regards,