Thursday, December 1, 2016

'Filter by day' on the FTF/Actions pages continued

We've updated the logic with the recent update. Now all the 'day' filters, like 'Today', 'Tomorrow, a calendar day - all include recurring actions if those actions' recurrences fall on this day.

E.g., a 'Once a day' action would be seen every day. 'Once until done', too (though there may be a small bug with this one).

We also see bug reports in our developer console after this update, but can't identify the exact problem. So, if you know the steps to reproduce it, would be really helpful for us if you wrote about it here in comments or at our email. The problem is with FTF widget, probably, but we are not sure 100%.

Upd.: we found the reason for the bug, will push the fix soon.