Thursday, July 28, 2016

Dark theme

Is pushed. Original light themes have changes, too - many pages are not completely white now. Let's see if want to keep them gray or return to the white. If you think where we may tweak the colors - welcome!

To choose the dark theme open Settings > General Settings > Productivity mood:


  1. When I delete â röle i can not see the 3 dot options icon right side of the role. When I click with my guess I can see delete button. But 3dot option icon is still black I think :-)

    1. Yes, they are :) I noticed after your comment, after the update was sent to play store. In next release it will be fixed.

  2. thanks for the dark theme. thanks a lot. a very good ui update.

    if in dark theme.. settings>general settings>your productivity mood.. the dark black circle not visible.. unless we press it.

    the commas.. in you have.. x roles, y goals, z actions.. they are in white and looking odd. u can grey them out.(same colour as "you have")

  3. Wow.. the new update makes the dark theme even more amazing. Thank u. Now the text n colors look good. Thanks a lot.

    A small bug?
    When i go to any screen other than the home screen. When i click on the menu(3 hotizonal lines on the left hand top corner) above the home... it is showing

    Sign in with google

    Though when i click them nothing happens. I dont think that they were meant to be there..

    1. I have the same situation happening here. How to login Google?

    2. Go to

    3. Sir... i think u did not get what i was trying yo convey...

      Were the words "the sign in with google, name , email and sign out" words(without links) intentional?

      Were they intentionally put above the word HOME? In the menu screen.. when we are seeing roles or any screen and press the 3 horizontal button. Those words appear above the word HOME.

      Do we need to login to google? Its only for sync.. isnt it? So why are they so prominently placed above HOME.

      Thanks a lot for making such a wonderful app.

    4. They are there by mistake, we'll remove them soon.

  4. Sir,

    When using dark theme...

    In the goals section. When i select a particular goal and press the 3 dots..

    Delete completed goals and attach image.. they are in white text against white background. Please check it.

    Love the app.