Monday, March 14, 2016


We plan to start translating the app into various languages, starting with German, Spanish, French. Since there have been many suggestions to help with the translation and we don't want to offend anyone, we were thinking about doing it via the blog so that anyone could participate. Haven't thought about the details, yet, but we'll probably publish the texts in English and let the users post their translations. Then we'll use them in the app.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

0.17.17-.18 versions

We've updated the component used for My Roles and a role's goals. Now the drag-n-drop is much smoother and nicer. The long-click context menu has been moved to popup menu using 3-dots. And the layout widened a bit.

There were several bugs in the update. One of them was for Android 4.x users - the bug is caused by update in the development library provided by google. Thanks to you, we've learned about it quickly from your reports. For know, until google fixes it, we've reverted to previous version of the library. It does not anyhow affect the app.

Another bug is Android 2.x users - again, something broke in the update library and it failed on list holding pages. We've added a workaround in that part for Android 2.x version users and now waiting for update in libraries.

If you still face these bugs or know about others that don't let you work, please, we'd be grateful if you wrote us here or on email. Thank you!