Monday, January 11, 2016

Android 2.3.x and 3.x

We will probably stop supporting these versions of android soon. Although we wanted to keep them as long as the first web integration is available, currently it seems there's no much need. These android versions are quite old and their number is declining every day. Even 4th version seems to be old enough already, though most of our users still use 4-based devices.

This will let us use some simpler programming things in development without trying to make it backward compatible. Decision is not final yet, but I'd say 80%.


  1. Hi, Thx for the fantastic app. Waiting impatiently for online and PC version. My comments are not directly related to the post above. I plan to do many things which I duly enter with details in the app. But there are few things which are most crucial.
    Is there any way to implement the concept of Power of Three - most important 3 goals/tasks each for a year, month, week and day to be highlighted.

    1. Yeah, do you have in plans making PC app for My Effectiveness's .bcp files? That'd be great!

  2. Hi there,

    My comment is not about backward compatibility either, because I use KitKat and Lollipop on my smartphones both, so I have less concern about backward compatibility.

    Do you guys plan to create effectiveness pro 64 bit for Microsoft Windows 10 64 bit? I'd love to use it on my desktop and notebook, too.

    1. It would be amazing to have PC sync. That would make it the best GTD system available.

  3. Hi my comment is to request add a function that let move thoughts to actions.
    This is the best app I ever have seen

  4. I might just be your number one fan, lol...
    But really, all jokes aside, I owe a lot of my functionality to this Application. I spent a good half hour writing a message telling you so but my toddler pressed against the screen in just the right way and I lost everything.
    When I get another moment free, I will try again.
    But in the meantime had to say, at least, that I am very grateful to the developers behind this App.
    Krista L. Loechner-Outwater

  5. I hope you keep the old versions please. I am trying to get my children to use this and because of theft/safety issues, I only give them old devices. Also because devices are old, they cant play games, meaning they get to spend more time thinking about this app. App is fantastic.