Monday, May 25, 2015

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Monday, May 11, 2015

Weekday, recurrence, reminder - how they behave in regards to Weekplan

A recent user has asked a question about the behavior of the day selection, recurrences, reminders of an action. I'll bring the reply text partially here as it will probably be very helpful to others as well.

First, there was a simple 'Week view' for which you  could set an action. If you set a day on an action, it will be shown on that day in the Week plan. If you don't, it would be shown on the 'Not set' section. The quadrants filter filter by this day - it checks for exact value of this property of an action set.

Then there came the recurrences - from simple ones like once a week to a little more complex, like several weekdays. This new functionality has to be merged with the previous 'day' selection. And it took priority over the weekday set. I.e., if you have both, the recurrence will be taken into account on the Weekplan page - the action will be shown for each recurring day, and ignore the day set. The problem here is - the filter on the FTF/Actions pages still works with the old day setting. This is definitely a bug (or, rather a not updated functionality), so we'll fix it soon.

Also, there's a third feature that is related - reminders. Up until recently we had only one-shoot reminders. Recently we've added the reminder type 'On recurrence days'. From its name you could have guessed that it fires on the days the action is to be shown. Every day it takes today's actions and schedules reminders for those that have a reminder set. And by 'today's actions' I mean those that are shown on the Week plan by the logic described above.

Again, since the system has been evolving, not everything finished - we are working on that. Hope the logic is clearer and more helpful now.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Notes section broken on many devices

Sorry for that! Haven't really noticed that until one of the users pointed to it in his review in the Play Store review.

The problem with the crash visibility was in that it was similar to one of the crashes fixed long ago, and in the developer console we've marked it as 'hidden'. Thus, we haven't seen the great number of reports from you. We've already fixed it, will roll out the fix now!

If you have any issues, suggestions or just want to thank the developers, do not hesitate to use the Play Store reviews - it, along with email at, is the most visible way of notifying us of important things! We've even added a special button in the navigation menu called 'Improve the app!' which leads you straight to the store.