Monday, January 5, 2015

0.10.6 update details

There are several things changed.

On the Week plan weekly actions:

  • The layout has changed a bit
  • Before the current update an action could be marked as done by swiping the action left or right. This was very counter-intuitive so we've modified it. Now you can do/undo the action by simply clicking on the tick.
  • More information has been added about an action - day set, priority


On the Main page:
  • The layout has changed a bit
  • Pomodoro section has been decoupled from the next action. They say the pomodoro is helpful when tackling your procrastination - it helps you get into the focused mode faster. Doing so you should concentrate on the abstract process of working rather than on doing a concrete action - this is easier for your brain.

On Action page:

  • 'Details to actions' now parses lines, too. I.e., if you have a text separated by new line, you can split it into subactions by end-of-line.
  • Checklist items can be drag-n-dropped by 3-dots at the right of the item. There's a small bug with overlaying, but it will be fixed in the next update.

On all the pages
  • The left menu is modified slightly so that the Home / Exit buttons are at the top of the menu now. This is not final - if the new layout is not better, we'll revert modify again.

There are also some bug fixes and other improvements on some other pages: for example, long-press on FTF and Actions didn't work; an action can be checked as 'done' from notification now; etc.


  1. When I edit my mission, I lose all my updates if my phone switches between portfolio and landscape display mode.

  2. I have an advice: it is a very beautiful app, but it would be become better if you have added a graph with the statistics of the admin's performance. I mean, if I don't complete a task, I will lose some points and vice versa. It could be possible an update like this?

    1. Thanks for the suggestion! We'll about this. We've actually thought already, but haven't done anything.

  3. dear,
    what the application can not be used multiple gadgets? Can be made for multiple gadgets? and my suggestions made a menu for the goal can be shared to other users. I really like this app.

  4. I would REALLY like to have a few recurring date changes: x-monthly (ex. Every 3 months) and yearly.

  5. I agree. I started using this app today and I must say I love how differently this app manages tasks. I would REALLY LOVE if we could have more options when it comes to reoccuring tasks i.e. Every 2 weeks, every 3 months etc.