Friday, June 27, 2014

Recurrence Start-Stop

Do you even use it? B-)


  1. Hi there,

    I can't see where it is. Could you tell me where?

    Also, thank you very much for the app, it's awesome and it has helped me a lot to keep track of my daily tasks.

    But I'd like to ask question/make a suggestion: is there a way to make a goal be completed after a certain recurrent action has been finished a "x" number of days? Or maybe after this action has been finished a certain number of times in a row?

    For example, if I have a goal that is "Draw 1 hour a day for 30 days", I could set an action that happens everyday and, after I complete this action 30 times, or 30 times in a row (it could be a option, since 30 days could take 1 whole year to complete, but if the condition "in a row" or "chain" is set, it could give a little more determination).

    I also think that the "in a row" option could be accompanied by a "limit of skips of the row", so you could put a limit of "n" days that you could skip without losing the total number of actions done in that goal, but, if you skip more than the limit you would "lose" the number of actions done and have to begin from "0" number of actions again. Or maybe you would lose a certain number "z" of actions done for every "k" skipped days.

    I hope that wasn't so confusing, these are only some suggestions, the app is already totally awesome as it is!

    Thank you again =)

    1. Raphael,

      We have removed the Start/Stop functionality as it wasn't really useful - it was a good idea, but not many used it and it made the logic a bit complex.

      Regarding the counting goal recurrence - thanks a lot for the suggestion. Something similar was long in our minds, but we haven't had time to get to start implementing it. Will start right away, as, for example, I myself, too, have such a goal (morning workouts) which are actually more like a habit builder activity. Example, the goal 'to keep good shape' is not the same as 'reach good shape', so technically, you can't finish it, but to keep it going. Let's start it and see how it will fit. Thank you for the suggestion and for pushing us to implement the required feature :)