Monday, April 14, 2014

Some news on the recent updates to Habits.

+ Have removed most of the widgets - only the QuickAction left from the previous ones.
+ Added the 'Snooze reminder' functionality with previous update. You can snooze for several periods, from 5 minutes to 24 hours.
+ In Android 3x and above - have added the 'Today Actions' scrollable widget - can see your Today actions from the Home screen now.

The list is identical to what is shown for Today on the WeekPlan activity. Have been thinking of adding the full WeekPlan widget, but don't know if it is demanded - will see the result of current update.

Note: unfortunately, the widget works only on devices with Android versin of 3 and above - they allow scrollable list to be added to home screen widgets.


  1. Hello!
    Why did you removed Scrollable widget from application? Will it be in next release?

    1. Hi Andrey, thank you for writing! It was removed by mistake in one of the versions (, I think). Should be already back now, check the update! Please, write us if you still have problem with seeing it.

    2. I have installed and only Habits/Quick Action widjet is aviable. Google Play doesn't offer to update to more recent release. I have Lenovo A516 with Android 4.2.2.

    3. Ok, I am sorry, found the problem - we haven't published it fully (the so-called staged rollout). Have just pressed the button, should be in the market within the next few hours! Thank you for your feedback, otherwise we'd forget about it :)

    4. Andrey, can you, please, confirm the ability to update now? So we see the issue is resolved.

    5. That's ok for now! Thank you very much!