Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Achievement or Accomplishment?

As a non-native speaker, I don't see a big difference between the two words until I do wiki-searching and googling. If there's something you've done great, something you are proud of, and you want to keep memory of that - what would you call it? Achievement or Accomplishment?

Upd.: modified the title to be a question - because it is a question :) Anyone?

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Some reports

We've got a pair of crash reports that some users can't see details of their actions. The bug is related to the version of the app. If you are one of these, please, update to the newest version. Current version is Besides fixing this particular error, it will provide complete new functionality!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Habits: bugs

- Setting the reminder date fails with FC if you set October 31 or similar (added 10/02/2013, thanks to anonymous crash report)
- Editting action title crashes when using Copy/Paste (added 10/02/2013, thanks to anonymous crash report)
- Sub-actions of recurring actions are not taken into account in the recurrence. Once checked, they recur for all recurrences of the parent action. (added 07/08/2013, thanks to Jay Jech)

(fixed) Done recurring actions on the Week view don't get crossed and marked as done (added 25/09/2013, thanks to Moe)
(fixed) Due dates/times are messed on Action page (added 24/09/2013, thanks to Matt)

(fixed) On WeekPlan page, Sunday date is shown as previous week's one. (added 26/08/2013).
- (fixed) App crashes when trying to use CurrentAction Widget, thank you for the report! (added 10/09/2013).

Here's the list of currently known bugs to be fixed:
1. (fixed) On the Action page, when in checklist or project mode, 'Priority / Day / Done' panel is not shown.
2. (fixed) Influence/Concern page - details are not visible when editing.
3. (fixed) Influence/Concern page - when editing, 'Concern/Influence' selector buttons are so small you can hardly click on one to change it.

added 02/08/2013:
4. (fixed) in a Project action 'x' and '+' buttons (clear and add) don't highlight pressing, don't work as expected.

Do you know any other you want to have fixed?