Friday, August 9, 2013

Update + On Ads III.

This update doesn't fix much in terms of functionality or add any new features. It is mainly about the ads (sure you've guessed :) ).

As we wrote before, some users find the ads distracting and have asked for an ad-free paid version of the app. We'll release such version soon. And, as the first step, we've decided to improve the current version to make them less obtrusive:

+ we've moved all the ad bars to the bottom of the screens, where they are least seen;
+ we've completely removed the ads from the Action and FTF pages - the pages, we guess, used the most;
+ have removed the ad bar from the help screen.

We now think the app is much more useable and some of those you didn't want to see them at all might change their minds.

If you think there's more can be done (besides releasing a paid-version), we'll be happy to hear. By the way, we ourselves use the ad-version of the app, found them distracting and feel better now, too :).

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