Monday, March 25, 2013

Habits backup to/from file: small but powerful update.

What have changed:

1. Backup/Restore menu 'Rename/Delete' has been renamed to 'Manage'

2. On the newly renamed 'Manage' page you can now share the backup file by pressing on the backup name and on the 'Share' button on the dialog that follows. Programs that accept files as a sharing item will appear in a choose-dialog. Usually, these are programs like Dropbox. When you choose any of them, the file will be sent.

If a file is sent to Dropbox, it will be synced across all the devices you have your dropbox account activated on.

3. On the 'Restore' page there's a big button with the label 'Restore from file system'. Pressing on it will launch a third-party app that can provide you with a file. This can be any program like Dropbox, file explorer, etc. Using this functionality you can restore to a file backed up in step 2 on another device! This way, you can copy all your stuff from one device to another! 

So, it's quite a small, but very powerful update :). This was  proposed by users long ago and I actually don't know why we hadn't implemented it. Now it's here and we hope you'll like it. The only drawback is you can't copy images that you might have linked your roles to, but that's something to think about.


  1. Hi, I just tried to a restore from share from my Android tablet to my Android phone via Drive & it threw an error:

    "unsupported uri scheme: content"

    please advise? thanks!

    1. Haven't tried via drive, let us see.

    2. Yes, we see same problem, will work on the fix. Thanks a lot for poiting. Meanwhile, try out the dropbox, should work with no problem there.

    3. Just uploaded the new version, should be Ok now. Thanks again for telling about the problem.