Monday, November 5, 2012

Sure, most of us have times

when you just don't want to do anything - no work, no household activities, no meetings, no going out, nothing. It's a state of melancholy or apathy that you get into, when nothing is interesting.

I had such episode several days ago, not sure about the exact reason why it happened - maybe the winter is coming so less sun outside, maybe just over-worked, or maybe some other stress that life is full of had had an impact - don't know. It lasted for several hours, during which I couldn't do anything. Just wanted to sleep or get somewhere and lie down so that noone bothers me :).

At that time I thought that it's probably not me alone who faces such problems (if it is a problem at all :) ). So, I was curious what technics other people use to get out of this state and come back to life. Can you suggest any, just in case, for future? :)