Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Habits hard-delete

We've added a very useful, but same time very dangerous feature - hard-delete. It is related to complex actions - projects and checklists.

Before recent update when you tried to delete an action that had un-done sub-actions, you'd get a popup saying you can't do so and suggestng you should do or delete all sub-items. This is a needed precaution so you don't accidentally miss some sub-items. And often you actually wanted to delete them all without going through all of them, with just 1 click, saving time and effort. Well, now you can.

When deleting an action with not done sub-actions, you'll get a popup with 2 buttons, one of which will be called "Hard-delete". Pressing this button will delete this action and all it's sub-items.

We suggest you try this feature first on some test actions, so you see what consequences it might have. And don't forget to make a backup!


  1. A truly wonderful app. Thanks so much for sharing it w us all!

    1. Steve, many thanks for nice words :)