Sunday, October 14, 2012

Habits update.

Just have uploaded new version of the app - We did it just seconds ago, so it hasn't even appeared on the Play Store, but we immediately want to write what's new.

First of all, we've fixed a bug that we would not notice if not reports from you - in the previous version we've introduced the password timeout setting. It controls how many minutes to wait before rechecking password when you re-enter the app, provided the system hasn't killed the app completely and cleared the resources. This shouldn't be the case when you return to the app within the few minutes after closing it. So, when you entered a high number into this field, the app crashed. And couldn't be restarted withouth re-install. We've got a report about this bug, and fixed it. Thanks a lot for taking time to send it to us!

We've also fixed the 'Move to action' functionality. It was not really visible, but inside it wasn't working quite correctly. We've also optmized the algorithm.

In the previous versions of the app, when changing the goal of an action (the set goal functionality), the app didn't let you move the action which was either a child of another action or contained sub-actions itself. This was rather annoying and the app missed this what seems to be natural operation. Now everything is ok with it :).

The logic for moving an action to another goal is simple and intuitive:

  • if the action is simple, just move it (i.e., set new goal)
  • if the action is a child of another action, you can change its goal, but it will be a top-level action - its parent will be cleared
  • if the action is a parent of other actions, you can change its goal, too, but then all the sub-actions will have their goal changed, too.
Another improvement - 'Goal unset' filter on the First Things First and Actions pages. You can now filter actions which don't have any goal set.

Hope you'll like the new features.

Again, thanks a lot for your feedback - here, in the reviews or as part of FC reports :). We do really appreciate it!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Habits hard-delete

We've added a very useful, but same time very dangerous feature - hard-delete. It is related to complex actions - projects and checklists.

Before recent update when you tried to delete an action that had un-done sub-actions, you'd get a popup saying you can't do so and suggestng you should do or delete all sub-items. This is a needed precaution so you don't accidentally miss some sub-items. And often you actually wanted to delete them all without going through all of them, with just 1 click, saving time and effort. Well, now you can.

When deleting an action with not done sub-actions, you'll get a popup with 2 buttons, one of which will be called "Hard-delete". Pressing this button will delete this action and all it's sub-items.

We suggest you try this feature first on some test actions, so you see what consequences it might have. And don't forget to make a backup!