Saturday, April 21, 2012

Landscape mode in Habits

As you know, when you turn the phone so that you hold it with its screen's wide part horizontal, it's called the landscape mode. When with narrow part - portrait. We didn't pay much attention to the landscape mode, not until we got a letter from one user, many thanks to him, saying he's facing some performance issues on his tablet due to the program's restriction to the portrait mode. We immediately started changing the app, the result of which was the last update ( with the support of the portraint mode on all screens. This is good. But this is not all :).

I started using this mode and found out that it was much more convenient than the portrait. Much easier to use your both hands to type, select, move, check/uncheck. We now think we lost a lot not adding this mode from the beginning. And again we thank the man who pushed us to do the changes. Tablet support should be one of next updates.

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