Sunday, January 15, 2012

Setting a Goal to an Action

When you enter the First Things First page, you can add an Action directly from there. That Action won't have any goal and role set. Now you can connect this Action to a Goal (consequently, to a Role). To do so, you need to long-click on the (goal) text or use Menu > Set Goal:

Note: You can set a Goal of a Single Action only - if an Action has a parent, changing its Goal would lead to a situation, when two actions, Parent and Child, have different goals. Same applies to Actions having sub-actions - can't change their goal.


  1. How to make a parent/child action?

    1. Hi,

      1. click on the Tick icon (check icon, to the right of the Action name)
      2. you will see a popup with choices: simple, project, checklist
      3.a. choose project - your action will be able to hold other actions
      3.b. choose checklist - your action will hold checklist items

      Hope this helps.