Friday, April 1, 2011

A-to-Z Notes

A-to-Z Notes (paid version:, free, ad-aware version: is a type of notes archive (I used to call it reference, "A-to-Z notes" is a marketting name), with simple, yet highly effective grouping system: all the notes are added to a Letter of an Alphabet.
This way, you can easily find your note, months after you put it there, enough that you know what it is about.
I have similar system on my PCs, applied as part of the GTD, in the form of folder/files.

The application currently implemented with the minimal functionality: just adding, seeing, editting notes. I didn't have much time during last days to work on it, but I plan to improve it to make it fully-functional. Among the things I want and plan to add, ordered by priority from highest to lowest:

  • photo notes
  • audio notes
  • sd card backup
  • search
  • widget

These are the main big steps. Some enhancements planned to current state:
  • decrease the number of movements in reaching the desired note 
  • settings: ability to set default language
  • ability to quick add note from other applications using the "share" menu
The last three are suggested by Robin, and I'm very grateful for that.

Known bugs:
+ scrolling issue in View mode still not fully resolved - will add the fix with one of the major releases

All and any suggestions/complaints/thanks/hellos are welcome and can be added to this message as a comment or on the

You can also support it, if you like the app, by giving some stars on the Android market. Thanks!

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