Monday, January 10, 2011

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  1. Hi
    I'm using justexpenses in my htc legend. I really like that it is simple and not clouded with a lot of features I never use. Simple is the best.

    If I could suggest one feature though: Sorting by category.
    I can sort by Tag now, but would also like to sort by category.

    As of now me and my girlfriend use it to track expenses we pay in common. So I enter "Lunch/Sara" (Tag = Lunch and Sara = Category) when she pays and "Dinner/Tore" when I pay.

    It's nice that we can sort and see how much we have eaten dinner for in total. But even better would be to see who have payed the most (enter: sorting by category).

    Anyway, thats my 2 cents. Thanks for making a program!

  2. Hi,

    Thanks for your feedback and your suggestion.

    As regarding the latter: although it's written in the hint 'Tag/category', it actually means only the name of the expense, with no division into tags and categories. Though I myself often divide into categories in a similar way: I write, for example, "Car: fuel", "Car: repair". We were thinking of adding filtering - ability to see only certain expenses by name - this will be probably the next thing implemented, only have to think of usability - the best way to add this functionality. And will now think about your suggestion - dividing expense name into real "Tag and category", maybe using simple separators like ":" and "/" - this way won't it overcomplicate the app, same time adding to its functionality.

    Again, thanks for the suggestion.


  3. Hi! Thanks for wonderfull app/ Please help me to restore it on other device.
    How can I restore if I didn't found this folder: /mnt/sdcard/MyHabits/backup/
    Restore from folder not works, can't find the file

    My device is Xiaomi RN2, MIUI 7.2.2

    1. Hi sn00py! Have you tried a Google Drive backup/restore? At the moment, it's a best way to restore. Regarding restoring from file on disk, you've created the folder structure as required? Can you write us on email the details?